As a private and independent service provider, we are able to work flexible and individually to implement logistical ideas.

Company / Company presentation

This advantage is crucial for project logistics as it involves understanding specific aspects of transportation. BTA Limited was founded in 2002 to enhance and facilitate the supply chain connections between Iran, Russia, and CIS countries.
By recruiting logistics professionals and experts proficient in Russian and commerce, this company has fostered enduring partnerships with commercial entities and foreign counterparts in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey. BTA company engages in various activities such as rail transportation, wagon handling in Iran, Russia, Central Asia, and the Baltic Sea, customs clearance, loading and unloading services, as well as coordination. Additionally, the company stays updated with the latest commerce and rail transportation information.

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Mission statement

At Behineh Tarabar Azhour, we provide innovative rail logistic solutions to meet our customers’ transportation needs. Our commitment to excellence, customer-first philosophy, and passion for making a difference fuel our innovative approach. With us, every client feels heard, valued, and satisfied as we go the extra mile to craft impactful logistics experiences.

Team Member

Meet Our Experts: Discover the Dedicated Team Behind Behineh Tarabar Azhour’s Success

Mostafa Biryani Aghdam

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Aghdam innovative leadership and strategic vision have made Behineh Tarabar Azhour a top-notch rail logistics provider. He’s passionate about providing reliable and cost-effective logistics services and loves to travel in his free time.

Samaneh Alipour


Mrs. Alipour extensive knowledge of customs regulations and coordination skills ensure the smooth flow of goods through borders. She’s passionate about providing exceptional service and enjoys reading in her free time.


Transit Transportation Expert

Mrs. Arab extensive knowledge of Transit regulations and coordination skills ensure effective coordination in order to facilitate the smooth flow of trade and movement through borders.

Shirin Karimi

Transit transportation expert

Sara Pourzare

Combined transport expert

Mohammad Soltani

Accountant and financial


We are proud to cooperate with various national and international companies with effective communication