Behineh Tarabar Azhour

Rail Transportation

Rail freight transport remains in steady demand regardless of the global economic situation. The segment’s sustainable and dynamic characteristics are high carrying capacity, speed, and maximum cargo safety. BTA Co. helps its Clients to enjoy all advantages of railway cargo transportation in Europe, the CIS,Turkey,Pakistan, China and other countries. 

Intermodal Transportation

One Container, Three Different Modes of Transportation

Behineh Tarabar Azhour in cooperation with Rasan Rail Co. providing containers for transportation any type of cargoes. Intermodal means versatility – anticipating that extra mile and adapting to it. The intermodal journey harnesses the global reach of vessels, the speed and efficiency of trains and the locality of trucking.

We help you reach farther.

Shipping by rail is four times more fuel-efficient than trucking alone. Our Intermodal Container Services help shippers expand their door-to-door market reach with more than 50 strategically-placed intermodal terminals in over the world.