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Welcome to the BEHINEH TRABAR AZHOUR, your private and independent logistics provider. With our "railway logistic solutions" we are able to serve customers in a variety of areas. The activities of this company in the field of rail transportation, handing over wagons in the countries of Iran, Russia, Central Asia, Countries bordering the Baltic Sea, performing customs affairs, unloading and loading services and coordination, this company also benefits from the latest information in the field of commerce and rail transportation. you can rely on BTA to fully deliver trusted expertise, innovative solutions and supply chain optimization.

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Since the establishment of BTA the focus of business activities has been the rail. Single wagonload traffic, transports in groups of wagons / trains and intermodal complete solutions play an important role with the involvement of terminal logistics. As a specialist for complete handling of the most demanding and complex transport and logistics solutions, we are there for you. So that you can concentrate on your core competencies.


BEHINEH TARABAR AZHOUR (BTA) established in July 2002, is a private, independent and flexible logistics company. Our ambitious and dependable team comes with long standing experience and is specialized in railway logistics, our main business.
The business activity varies from freighting containers and railway wagons to abnormal or heavy loads with or without oversize.
We are your choice for the complete transaction with most ambitious and evencomplexable transport and logistic solutions.


We've built the largest database of railway destinations and they are still growing.


As a private and independent service provider, we work flexible and individually to implement logistical ideas.


Years of services vary from the chartering of containers and railway wagons.

logistics services

Providing customs, terminal, loading, etc. services at important border points and customs offices in Tehran, Yazd and Isfahan to destinations in Central Asian countries and Turkey.
Iran's railway has been one of the oldest and most used means of transportation in Iran and the region. In recent years, the development plans to connect important commercial points to Iran's nationwide railway have made the railway the first choice of companies, merchants and traders.
By attracting specialists and experts in the field of logistics and familiar with commerce and the Russian language, BTA has established a continuous relationship with its commercial and foreign partners in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey.

The latest products, services, news and announcements from premier provider of rail services in Iran and nearby countries.


Railroad Transport

Rail transportation with private and government wagons to Russia, Central Asia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan Turkey and Eastern Europe.

Customs Services

Performing customs and terminal services in all parts of the country, with a special representative in Inchebron, Astara and Zahedan.

Online Tracking

You can know the exact location of the cargo from the time of placing the order, loading and transporting to unloading at the destination point.

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