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International North South Transport Corridor

Baltic Sea – Russia – Azerbaijan – Iran – India

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The North-South Transport Corridor is designed to transport goods from India and Persian Gulf countries to Russia, Western Europe, Baltic and Scandinavian countries. The main priviliges of the North-South Transit Corridor in comparison with other routes is the reduction in the distance and delivery time of freight trasportation by two or three times.If transportation of goods by sea through the Persian Gulf-Suez channel – Mediterranean sea- Baltic Sea in Helsinki happens within 45-60 days, then implementation of freight delivery time along the North-South corridor is 20-25 days.


The primary objective of the NSTC project is to reduce costs in terms of time and money over the traditional route currently being used. Analysts predict by having improved transport connectivity between Russia, Central Asia, Iran and India their respective bilateral trade volumes will increase. A study conducted by the ‘Federation of Freight Forwarders’ Associations in India (FFFAI) found the route is, “30% cheaper and 40% shorter than the current traditional route”. Analysts predict the corridor is likely to increase trade connectivity between major cities such as Mumbai, Moscow, Tehran, Baku, Bandar Abbas, Astrakhan, Bandar Anzali etc.


India and Iran have a long-standing agreement, signed in 2002, to develop Chabahar into full deep sea port. Bandar Abbas port handles 85% of Iran's seaborne trade and is highly congested. Whereas, Chabahar has high capacity with plans to expand it from its current capacity of 2.5 million to 12.5 million tons annually. Unlike Bandar Abbas, Chabahar has the ability to handle cargo ships bigger than 100,000 tons. Industry Analysts have highlighted there are long term plans to integrate Chabahar with the NSTC, "India is also eyeing trade with Europe via Chabahar port and the International North-South Transport Corridor"
The Kazakhstan–Turkmenistan - Iran railway link, completed and operationalized in 2014, also known as North–South Transnational Corridor, is a 677 km (421 mi) long railway line connecting Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan with Iran and the Persian Gulf. It links Uzen in Kazakhstan with Bereket - Etrek in Turkmenistan and ends at Gorgan in Iran's Golestan province. In Iran, the railway will be linked to national network making its way to the ports of the Persian Gulf.

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