‌Behineh Tarabar Azhour Co. Ltd

Behineh Tarabar Azhour Company (BTA Co.) has been established in 2010 after years of experience in the export market of Iran, Russia, Turkey, and CIS countries to fill the absence of a secure and professional supply chain in Iranian foreign trade market. After having obtained the necessary licenses from the railway of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration, and International Transport Companies Association of IRAN, this company developed its activities to Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China.
Now the BTA Co. is proud to announce can provide any logistic services in all parts of Iran and the important trade zones of Asia and Europe


Strategic goals of BTA Co.

According to the approval of board members, BTA Co. policies are:

  • Improving customer service and  support
  • Providing rail transport technical services and optimizing the potential of the Iranian Rail Network
  • Interests the Islamic Republic of Iran in Zone


Work perspective of BTA Co.

Our missions to develop business are:

  • holding training sessions for employees
  • Contracts with international shipping companies
  • Participating in national and international transportation exhibitions and seminars
  • Getting Standard Management ISO and other Certificates


transrussia 2018
TransRussia 2018 Certificate
transrussia 2019
TransRussia 2019 Certificate

Organization Structure

Mostafa Beryani Aghdam Chairman



Samaneh Alipour Executive Officer



Banafseh Khani Contracts manager


Elham Nazari Technical expert


Unkown Marketing expert


Sahar Paydar Financial expert


Maryam Darini Communicating expert