Why rail and Iranian rail networks?

Iran have a the best access to Europe and Asia, From North to South and East to West, The Iran rail Networks is complete and safe. you can loading your cargo in Bandar Abbas port and Chabahar port in South of Iran then transit them via rail to Sarakhs and Inche boroun borders of Iran to access to Turkmienstan and Kazakhstan Markets. you can also send your cargo to Bandar-Anzali, Astara and Amir Abbad ports to access Russia or send them to Jolfa borders to access Azerbaijan and Armenistan.
Iran’s rail network are connected to Silk railroad and complete the logistic chain from china to Europe via Turkey.So the Iran’s railroads can help your trading faster than other routes. for more details go to Downloads page and see the maps.


Our motto is : Your Markets, Our Business , So when you succeed in your markets, we succeed. Behineh Tarabar Azhour (BTA) Co. Ltd. had have been started transportation business via Iran to Russia and CIS countries Since 2010. After many years experience in this field we made many contracts via international companies for transportation. we have professional experts to connect you to Global markets. You can see Our Services here.

How to register orders ?

You have 3 ways to register your orders and call for price : complete online forms , Send a Mail to our experts or Call to our Experts via WhatsApp Messanger.

Our Pavilion on TransRussia 2019 Exhibition

Behineh Tarabar Azhour in International Events

we were participating in many international events. the TransRussia exhibition is most important fair in logistics and transport technologies.

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